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The Closet Course


This Course Includes:


  • A pre-recorded course with the ability to watch, re-watch and rewind.


You Will Learn:


  • How to declutter, organize and simplify your closet for good.

  • How to create outfits you can wear on rotation.

  • How to know exactly what clothes you need.

  • How to wear your entire wardrobe.

  • How to get ready quickly and efficiently.

  • How to store off season and extra clothing, if necessary.

  • How to maintain a small and simplified wardrobe.

  • How to know what pieces to invest in.

  • How to know what pieces to donate.

  • How to look put together everyday, with minimal effort.

  • How to create, update and maintain a beautiful wardrobe for life.


*Please email us directly if you have any issues registering or accessing the course. The video may not be sold, copied or shared.


The course gave me such an insight into how I can apply minimalism to identify and honour my own style. I have come away with a new love for the clothes that I have and it’s really inspired me!

I downloaded your closet course and started last weekend. I'm halfway there and it's already life changing.

Thanks again for a great course! I was so inspired and spent Saturday afternoon going through my closet. I declutter it routinely but had never gone through and made outfits - so eye opening and helpful! I love, love, love your system.

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