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Gut Intelligence Test 

for personalized nutrition results!

Convenient and Affordable Therapy. Anytime, Anywhere.

Restorative Sleep without Grogginess or Dependence. One scoop in water!

Your gut intelligence results will determine your personalized nutrition needs. Learn about which foods work well with your body (your superfoods) and which foods you should minimize or avoid.

Receive a Gut Intelligence test plus Precision Probiotics and Prebiotics for only $79.95! (General cost is $259 USD for a test only). Click the image above OR go to



Choose to speak with a professional therapist over video, on the phone, or via text message! You can also change therapists at any time so that you connect with the best person for your needs.

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Remade is a breakthrough, melatonin-free formulation clinically proven to support Deep and REM stage sleep for days full of energy and clarity.

Receive 15% off your purchase and free shipping by clicking the image above and using code MM15 at checkout!

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