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The Outfit System E-Guide


If you prefer a written version of how to simplify your closet into outfits, this E-Guide is for you!


The E-Guide Includes:

  • 50 - Pages of information.

  • 4 - Questionnaires.

  • 10 - Step by Step instruction pages.


Learn How To:

  • Own significantly less clothes.

  • Piece together great outfits from the clothes you already have.

  • Easily keep track of all of your outfits.

  • Get dressed in seconds.

  • Wear your entire wardrobe.

  • Shop with intention. 

  • Know what pieces to bring in, if any.

  • Style your outfits.

  • Know what to get rid of.

  • What clothes to store, if necessary.

  • How to dress well with minimal effort.

  • How maintain a simplified and organized closet, for life!

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